Thursday 27 January 2011

Healer changes

Sorry, bit slow posting due to being busy and stuff last few days. Link for the healer changes here.

Or in summary...
1) The big single target heals get reduced by 0.5 seconds to a 2 second cast.
2) Cleanse gets its cooldown removed and gets changed to a 0.5 second cast.
3) Runepriest's morale 3 gets a nerf, Zealot's morale 3 is changed to mirror it.

My verdict...

1) Not enough and I don't see this meaning much at all, particularly if the easily set back thing still applies. It's only 20% quicker than group heals which heal EACH person for almost the same amount, do not suffer the same pushback problem and obviously heal the entire group. The extra AP cost of group heals are totally outweighed by their power. Should be 1 or 1.5 seconds for single target heals.

As it stands this change has little benefit for PvP and though it is obviously a slight improvement, I will still not use the single target big heals except when bored or dicking about. It will be better for PvE, shame there's none worth doing anymore :P

It is on the right track, but it needs to be taken further to have any real impact on what button people will press.

2) Why change cleanse? Of all the things to be wasting time thinking about... Christ on a bike guys!
Impact on warband play could be significant if people organise dedicated cleansers, but I'm guessing we won't really know until it goes live. Perhaps, but I don't know and don't care. This was so far away from being anything I give two turds about right now, that I'm totally perplexed by it.

It's a horrible nerf to a healer trying to surivive on their own for any reason, since melee range being quite, uhm, far... that any pause in movement can have a huge cost. Particularly since so many MDPS can kill things so quickly now. From a selfish perspective I really don't like this change. It hurts my Shaman for no reason that I understand right now.

If someone could explain why curse needs any time and thought put into changing it, please do explain.

3) Well I tend to use the damage morale 3 on my Zealot, so to be honest I don't care. It might be a buff, I don't really know.

It may sound like I'm suffering from a bit of apathy here, but don't think that's apathy towards WAR itself, it's just these changes aren't doing much for me and the curse one is annoying. The single target heal one would be good if it was made worthwhile.


  1. Completely agree, why bother wasting resources & time even thinking about changing cleanse. Do somthing positive, fix bugs, add enjoyment, not nerf & redefine something that wasn't even on the radar.

    Makes you wonder if they play the game much & know the current issues that do need attention.

  2. The changes to moral 2 for rune priest is a huge bummer for my playstyle as a buffer. The part where destro have 2 armor/resist moralbuffs and now get a third and the one order have gets nerfd to 10s where 1k1 and SC will still have 30s


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