Tuesday 23 November 2010

Hotfix details...

...can be found here or pasted below.

General Changes and Bug Fixes
•The new dye options available to players who have purchased the Personality Pack have been reduced in price.
•A new dye color, Badab Black, has been made available to players who have purchased the Personality Pack.
•Corrected an error with colors on some Magus Disc Mounts.
•Fixed an issue where Thanquol’s “Warp Lightning” ability would occasionally not properly display.
•Fixed an issue where players eligible for veterans reward (WAR Double Aegis) were not properly receiving their reward item in the mail.

Realm vs. Realm
Open RvR
•Siege Weapons destroyed within a Keep’s area will now grant Contribution.
•Aerial Bombers defeated within a Keep’s area will now grant Contribution.
•Various improvements have been made to Contribution earned while participating in a Keep Siege.
•The Resource pool threshold for Tier 4 RvR Keeps has been increased. Keeps will now require additional resources to increase in Rank.
•The health for Tier 4 Keep Doors has been increased.
•Fixed an issue where the Skaven ability “Running with the Pack” incorrectly had a Renown Rank restriction.
•The Skaven/Giant Rat camps in Tier’s 2&3 Empire vs. Chaos have had their levels adjusted to be more appropriate to the new Tier restrictions.
•Fixed an issue which could, in some cases, prevent additional instances of the Thanquol’s Incursion RvR Dungeon from being created.
•The Quest “Release Control” granted by the Excavated Skaven Device has been disabled. Players will now be required to exit the RvR Lake or die to remove the Play as Skaven buff.

Contested City
•Fixed an issue which could, in some cases, prevent additional instances of Contested Altdorf or The Inevitable City from being created.

•Adjustments have been made to the Scenario Matchmaking system.
•Fixed an issue where Scenarios were not properly triggering.

BTW I will be posting in the near future with some thoughts about the introduction of 1.4, its just been delayed by me not getting enough time to properly play the game and get a good enough feel for all of the changes to live.


  1. It's good. Overall.

    There's some things that make me want to claw out my eyeballs, but still, it's good.

    The worst part is the inevitable funnel to the Keep and the mass zerg that ends up there. Also, player avoidance makes it so there's really only one zone to fight in where the other two fall to attrition.

    Also, thank bloody Gork Scens are back. I was losing my damn mind over that.

  2. If only they had actually fixed scenario's.

    They are not popping on Volkmar.

  3. Yo Bootae

    When you got a second check out wha n kf recuitment thread cheers

  4. To be honest, Badab Black is just too black. It kills off every texture of what it's applied to.

    and scenarios don't seem to be at 100% yet. still a lot of problems queueing =/

    the RVR fixes though, were pretty good. instead of the zones locking in about 30 minutes, it's taking a couple of hours for each zone to lock (unless they're empty, obviously)

    all in all i think it's a step in the right direction.



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