Sunday 18 October 2009

WAR 1.3.2 patch. I don't wanna say I told you so, but...

I told you so...

Log in... City siege
Log in... City siege
Log in... Not a city siege! Oh wait, 1 zone locked and the other.. oh damn :( City siege
Log in... City siege

In-game, on forums, on vent, wherever you go, people are not happy and being vocal about it. I know I'm not pleased. It's already turned into exactly what I was worried about. Maybe in a few days it will have changed, but I don't know how...

Though the game runs well now, mostly anyway. There's some kind of server lag problem in city instances. Which is a shame as that's what the majority of the game is right now.

Why Mythic thought this was what we wanted I just don't know.


  1. I've only spent about 25 min in a city fight this weekend. I think there is about 1 a day on Badlands.

  2. 4 city seiges on Norn just today, and that was at 8pm cet.

    Probably been like 2 more since then......

  3. Yup 4 so far. That's just mental...

  4. I thought there was a 6 hour gap between sieges? Yes I know that you can do 4 * 6, but surely they are not flipping over straightaway.

    Anyway I'm in Tier 1, so I alright jack :)

    But lets be honest, it didn't require that much thought, to figure that this could happen.

  5. It was lose/lose either way. Either very few city captures due to forts or too many. Whole system needs a re-thinking.

  6. Yeah that 4 might be a mix up, think it was 2 the first day and 3 the next? All getting a bit confusing :P

    And whatever it is, yeah it's crap.

  7. Was only present at one myself, but according to the guild chat someone had allrdy been in 2 that day and logged out when a third started or something like that.

  8. In theory the downtime is 6 hours, so you *may* have 3 city sieges per day.
    I do agree that 6 hours might be too short, especially since another Live event is coming and it isn't based in the cities.

    Hopefully Mythic saw the problem too.

  9. I think that what Mythic has in store for Forts was not ready to be deployed. They had all these other great things in 1.3.2 but were not ready to revamp the Forts. Most servers have not fully experienced city sieges so this was the opportunity to open things up a bit. We all knew it would become a regularity and we'll get our fill of it fairly quick.

    My hope is that with the increased performance, Forts will again enable massive numbers of people to fight it out. And just like in Keeps, multiple access ramps to the Lord Room should help make attacking a bit better. But hopefully they don't stop there.

    The Fort zones are pretty large with a lot of real estate to work with. They should almost be mini zones. And rather than simply killing Fort Lord there should be a progression. Add in some BOs and other objectives ... once taken and held, the Fort becomes more vulnerable. Then the Lord becomes more vulnerable.

    Lots of talk about them coming back with Relics ... that's fine ... but as we're seeing, there needs to be some sort of stop-gap or we might as well rent apartments in the opposing city. Make Forts more fun and make them more takeable ... and perhaps this can be resolved.

  10. Altdorf on Drakenwald[EU] is more or less sieged constantly. Down to three stars last night, probably less now as another siege started when I logged out around 2am.

  11. Well I think anyone with a hint of commonsense, knows that people don't want to be constantly city seiged. Hell we are back to where we were nearly a year ago, but worse, since you can siege more frequently (What were Mythic thinking).

    I suppose that we could see the fortress used to purge the capital cities? If they become the 3rd realm of NPCs, then they could provide supporting troops to the defence of the your keeps or maybe troops to purge the city capture quicker and thus provide a long interval before the next city capture can take place.

    God knows what's going to be the solution to this purgatory.


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