Saturday, 3 October 2009



In this case it's Sod, not Zod. Sods law that is ;) (or Murphy's law for you folks across the pond)

Mythic, bless their lovely cotton socks, feature my blog in the community spotlight of the September WAR newsletter and by pure sods law... they send the mail out on the exact bloody day I put up a Champions Online review :P With 95.76782% of my posts being about WAR, that was rotten luck.

I've noticed a bit of a leap up in people visiting as a result of that newsletter, so to those new to my little corner of the interweb, please be assured most of my rambling posts are actually about WAR and will continue to be so ;)

And thanks Mythic, most appreciated :) Of course now that I know you keep at least the odd eye on my blog, you need to implement all my oh so uber ideas! Ok maybe not. :P


  1. Maybe you could make it up to them by telling all them interwebs how much of a ball ache Aion is :P

  2. Hehehe, Sod does love to watch over us and help in many little ways. ;)

  3. Now that I've had a proper go on Aion, don't worry I will be ;) Ugh...

  4. BAD BLOGGER!!!!

    LOL Actually, anyone who reads your blog religiously knows where your loyalties lie.

    In truth, WAR is my main squeeze but I also have a side-sub to Champions. It's hella fun to create new toons and the gameplay is pretty stress-free. That said ... it will stay a casual play for me.

    Kudos on being spot-lighted in the newsletter!

  5. Nice work on getting the highlight :)


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