Wednesday 11 April 2012

Where my Bootae go?

OK so I should really post about my sudden silence. I find myself brimming with motivation at the moment, but these motivations have nothing to do with gaming and as such I've just not had anything to post about. My wife and I separated, resulting in a financial mess and all the more important difficulties that arise with a family breakup when there's kids involved. I had kind of expected this would mean I would end up burying myself in gaming, but actually it's been the complete opposite and I simply have little spare time or inclination for games. Strangely it was a couple of weeks before I even noticed I hadn't played anything. Though in the grand scheme of things over the last month or so, that was one of the smallest revelations.

Now, whilst I could write quite an interesting post on some of these things, particularly on certain aspects of relationships and the connection to our online personal support networks, it wouldn't be vey classy of me and would be somewhat insensitive. Also whilst you may suspect from my vagueness that I blame gaming for my marriage explosion (albeit a very slow motion explosion), lets be clear that this is not the case at all. There is a difference between a cause and a (debatable) symptom.

So what then for this blog?

Hmmmm. To be honest I'm not quite sure. I do like the outlet that blogging provides me and there have been some pretty cool things that have happened because of this blog, but life at the moment isn't so conducive to writing all the time.

I am still interested in games, I did play some GTA and Skyrim this week for example and I have kept an eye on the MMO news, but I doubt I will be anywhere near the regular gamer I was. Which to be fair was already less than most MMO players, despite what you may have thought. I suspect that I will be a lot more picky with what I play in future, the days of trying out everything are gone.

I might play Guild Wars 2, but I'm not sure. There is a good chance I will just wait for Planetside 2 and Mechwarrior Online. Also I have a backlog of single player games to clear... All of which doesn't suggest a huge amount of source material...

Probably I shall just write stuff as the whim takes me, but most likely not anywhere near as prolifically as before. There's also a chance I may go on all sorts of tangents, be it my rediscovered love of breakbeats and funky old tunes, my current obsession with cooking, Liverpool football club, or the latest oriental tea that takes me to my Zen place :P

Basically, I dunno. Life is a lot of fun right now. Straight after everything going to crap, a lot of cool and interesting things happened. So my apologies for the lack of posting and my future randomness, but I'm having a good time, so meh! ;)


  1. Nice post boots, all the power to youre renewed life :-)

  2. It's never fun going through that, but it sounds like you're making do. Keep writing if the notion takes you, there are plenty of people subbed on an RSS feed or something that will read it when the time comes. We enjoy it, and if you like writing, we'll probably read any crap that you write ;)

  3. Sorry to hear about the real life troubles, hope things turn around soon!

  4. To bad that your relationship didn´t turn out to be so good but it´s great to read that you have pickted yourself up and is better then ever. You can´t keep a good man down I say!

    I hope your post as I like your reading but take your time. Not everything is about gmaing och blogs.


  5. Cheers for the kind words folks. And yeah I wanted that to come over as an upbeat post cos I'm quite genuinely in a good place right now, so it's all very positive really :)

  6. Sorry to hear about your domestic problems mate. Sounds extremely stressful.

    Hoping that the blog lives on. I'm a big fan. You'll get no objections from me if you wanna talk LFC ;)

    Not sure what to do with my own blog actually. Originally created it to document my adventures in WAR, but since I don't play it anymore not sure what to do. I'm still playing (and enjoying) SWTOR but certainly don't feel the urge to blog about it. Probably explained by not loving the lore anywhere near as much.

    Totally gutted about DMO too.

    Bad bad bad.

  7. Glad to hear everything's on the up mate

    Well, apart from LFC ;)

  8. Keep ur chin up bud.

    I too am on a slight break from the games too much real life stuff. Will be back about for PS2 though.

  9. Yes good luck for the future, all the best.


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