Friday 13 January 2012

Level 50 approaches

I'm level 47 with my Sith Assassin, almost 48 and I would imagine I'll get to 50 some time next week. This will quickly be crunch time for SWTOR and I. Will there be enough to keep me entertained?

I'm really not into farming instances and dungeons anymore, I just lose interest. Once I've completed a dungeon, I seriously struggle to motivate myself to do it again. It's not that PvP is purely where I prefer to spend my time after the leveling process is done (though it is top of the list), it's more a case of I like to do new things or events that are more dynamic and subject to change. This is why I've always loved things like DAoC's RvR campaign and why I'm so looking forward to Planetside 2. There are things I will do at 50 aside from PvP, like collecting the Datacrons and I'm not ruling out doing instances, but as the main thing I've enjoyed while leveling was the storylines, what takes over once they're finished? Dailies and all that zzzzzzzzzz?

So exactly as I've been saying for the last year or so, I think SWTOR will keep me there for a month or two at least, but beyond that is still reliant on the PvP. However as you probably know, I wasn't expecting much from the PvP and as my last post suggests, that was probably wise. Yet it could improve. I'm finding that warzones are lagging considerably less and it's not just sodding Huttball all the time now, so it seems there are  more Republic players around now. Apparently Hoth was packed with them yesterday.

Of course as I've said many times before, I find instanced PvP gets stale rather quickly too, so for me it's all about Ilum and openworld PvP. Which means the big question for me and my long term interest in SWTOR is:

Will the Ilum RvR zone mature and stop being a load of point trading shite? 

If it doesn't and there isn't something else within SWTOR that starts to captivate me at level 50, then at some point I may well return to DAoC or WAR for a bit. Most likely DAoC.


  1. I'm going to use my 2nd 14 day return to WAR to try the forts out.

  2. I'm not sure if I've got one of those 14day returns or not. If so I'll probably do the same regardless of whatever else I'm doing.


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