Thursday 4 August 2011

New Developer discussion posts and some shots of new armour sets

James Casey has posted a discussion thread for feedback on current developments in a general sense, you can find the thread here. In there he has posted 2D screenshots of a few of the new tier 7 armour sets, which I've posted below. Intricate and quite showy as you can see..

Bright Wizard




Hopefully we'll get the other sets to post soon. I particularly liked the Orc ones when I saw them at the Mythic visit thing.

Elsewhere Steven Engle has posted a thread for discussion on upcoming Shadow Warrior and Squig Herder changes; link here. Initial thought is I like the changes for my Squiggy (not sure its got enough damage still mind you...), but that doesn't mean they're great for the game as a whole. No that I'm saying they're a bad idea either, it's just I'd like to see what improvements the Magus and Engineer get alongside this, as the range reducing ability is quite a potent thing and life is crap enough for those 2 careers as it is.

Anyways, go get your feedback in and have you say.


  1. That Chosen is freaking sweet! And OMFG I might roll an engineer now! :D :D :D

  2. Hmmm. Gigantic shoulder armor. How original.

  3. Is that chosen armour a joke? looks terrible!

  4. I'm not mad on the huge spikes, but I wouldn't use the appearance of those anyway. But the rest of the Chosen armour looks great imho.

  5. They're linked to the cloak/back piece I believe

  6. Huge items on shoulders that seems like they would get stuck on everything. Gah, wow armor.

  7. I think the WoW aspect is due to the repeating 7 theme (I guess for T7) throughout the armour, the BW has 7 spikes for example, Chosen has 14 horns, 7 pipes on the engineer, 7 tusks on the squig herder.

    Looks good but is it content?


  8. Good call. Correcting it now...

  9. i love this i look forward to having that chosen look on

  10. one other armor on my chosen would look awsome is something simmilar to deadric armor in skyrim :3 devs make it plz thanks


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