Monday 1 August 2011

Gamesday info posted by other folks

I've been listening to the recordings by Artie of the Gamesday presentation and Q&A (nice one Artie btw), which I was taking notes on, but I just noticed that on the WAR forums Telaria has posted a really good summary that is far better than my shoddy notes were, so I shall shamelessly point you in his direction instead.

His presentation post you can find linked here or copied and pasted below. I would recommend visiting the thread to see Telaria's further post on the Q&A, as well as feedback from others and any further clarifications that come out.

Thanks to Artie for recording it and to Braynz for posting the recordings.

One blurb I got from the recording if i heard right that I hadnt heard anywhere else: in 1.4.4 they're adding a buff to defenders that when you destroy a ram will allow you to fight the attackers and push them back and turn the tide of the battle because people complained that its too hard to defend a keep.

Other than that, heres what I got from the presentation...

1.4.4 (planned for aug30th, but may get pushed back a week):
Buff for defending keep to help turn tide (explained above)
the planned RDPS buffs. (Engi (and Magus?), SW and hopefully SH? No confirmation on any SH love =/ poor gobbos)
Warcamp/guards fixes.
Changing SC quests to associate with weekend warfront SCs.
Generic bug fixes and tome work.
Another SC lineup shakeup.
6v6 GoE making a return.
Wild Hunt LE.

1.4.5 (no date mentioned):
Fort Returns. (explained below)
More targetted C&C changes. (class balance. Hopefully SM/BO? :D)
More Monster Play. Giving progression to Monster Play.
More ORVR changes. Bringing NPCs back in a smaller way.
New Appearance Armor.
Grovod Caverns returns. (finally)

Beyond that:
Alternate SC locations. (Wing Zones like West Praag, Cinderfall, Isle of Dead mentioned)

Towards end of the year:
Crafting. Adding new systems. Make it more fun to do and more useful to players.
Making a system for upgrades to equipment.
Reuse more existing assets or implementing their "stable" of unused assests.
While not including the other cities, they do have assets "connected" to them they want to try and put in.

Putting relics in forts. Similar to DAOC. Wont be called a relic. Are in 2 halves. Wont do anything in their neutral state. Must have both halves to get something.
Must defeat fort lord to get it. Will involve Monster Play on Fort Defense allowing you to play as fort lord.
Must run it back through all the other zones back to your fort, has a timer that will force you to pass it to other people and hot potato it so you cant do it solo.
Get the halves together provides realm-wide bonus, undecided what it is.
(Bootae - note these are not linked to the campaign and players can launch relic raids whenever they want)

Grovod Caverns:
No more bridges..except over a chasm (will hopefully not be a punt fest =/)

T7 appearance armor (there was teirs?! This isnt WoW!):
Most ornate and most detailed armors they've put in.
Does not replace DF/WF.
Will most likely come from relics/forts.
(he offers to show all the sets that he has on his HD during QA)
(Bootae - I've seen these armour sets and they are indeed the fanciest looking sets yet and are not re-skins of old stuff)

Vanity pets (*yawn*):
drumming bear, tzeetch familiars. Deciding on giving buffs or not like with speed/scrounging pets (hopefully not).

Last year spent time on expansion, boosters, content, ORVR revamp.
This patch spending time on tweaking ORVR a little more, more C&C love, fixing bugs.
Going forward, concentrate on putting forts back in, new SC designs, using alot of stuff they have in reserve that never made it live.

Telaria is writing up the Q&A right now which will be a rather long post and take a while me thinks, so I would recommend keeping an eye on his posts in that same thread linked above. However I will specifically mention a couple of things now:

In the Q&A there is talk about how at present a lack of resources prevents the whole 40 levels of a new race being developed. Also a bit earlier it was mentioned that the missing cities are unlikely to make it into the game. Now, regarding lack of resources... if you’re shocked, well duh… Of course if something happened to bring people into the game and generate those required resources, well that would change things.

Among the existing assets that Mythic has that are not currently in WAR, there are a some things for Sylvania (classic Vampire undead style land), though James does say that its unlikely they'll do that as a Land of the Dead style area, at the moment. So who knows what might happen there. Also looking at how to refresh Land of the Dead and make it more relevant, which is all good with me.

All told I'm not sure what all the fuss was about on the forums, there's a fair bit happening and sure things are being recycled but if it gives us some different things to do then that's all good. Unless, once again, you're playing game you hate, which would make you a mental.

If I decide I'm unhappy in a game, personally I quit and play something else... kind of like I did with WAR after 1.4. Of course I ended up unhappy in RIFT and came back to WAR, which I'm enjoying again, but if at any point that stops, then I will quit again. I'd recommend this crazy idea of not playing games you don't like, it makes life considerably less stressful and makes you look less of a ring piece.

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