Saturday 26 September 2009

WAR - More armour revamp pics

Mythic have posted on the US Herald with the some of the next armour revamps:

Obviously the most important stuff to consider are the Chosen changes :P

Interesting how they've swapped things about, as well as adding quite a few new graphics. I'm happy anyway :)

Also as an aside, I have had 2 nights of decent RvR in a row. Which has lifted my WAR spirits a bit :) Looking forward to seeing some proper patch notes.


  1. Man, the way them guys tear down just about any concession the design team gives em is just vicious. Very WAR-like, imo. Gotta respect that. lol

  2. No worries mate ;)

    And that's what you get for playing facists pretending to be good guys :D Chaos all the way!

    I'll be on tonight, I'll keep an eye out :D

  3. The armour is gorgeous. I think it's time for me to start a drawing of Chosen :)

    On that note...

    Sigmar protects.


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