Wednesday 15 August 2012

Hello again

Sooooo, Guild Wars 2 is about to launch. It will be a huge deal at launch, obviously, and I think it will do well after for a good while too. Not exactly a shocking statement I know, since no sub fee should by default ensure so. Of course like most of ya'll, also I know plenty of folks getting all excited about it. However I'm well and truly back to not bothering with it at all. I just don't have the time, I'm in 3 betas that I'm very keen on and I tend to dabble with those when I have time for gaming. So little point in spending £50 on a game I won't play at all.

Situation remains as it was... Only games on my eventual horizon are free to play anyway, Planetside 2 and Mechwarrior Online. There's still nothing else inspiring me, that I can talk about yet anyway ;) Well I say that, I will dabble with others, but don't let that count as me giving two turds about them. For example.......

Star Wars (SWTOR) is going free to play. Yeah, good move. I enjoyed it whilst I leveled through it and thought it was pretty good, as a single player game... It lacked interest and most importantly motivation to continue as a multiplayer game, so a sub fee was always going to become an annoyance. When it turns F2P then I will reinstall and dabble a bit, but can't see me spending any money on it. Sure plenty of folks will though, at least if BioWare are clever with their cash shop and don't make it too aggressive a sell, if you get what I mean.

Oh and Vanguard has gone F2P I believe. I've never played it, but I might try it out of curiosity. I'm not expecting much.

All this prompts a question... Why the fuck is WAR not going F2P? Seriously.


  1. Staffan Aka Daevas15 August 2012 at 12:19

    Good question that one but my guess is that GW wants license money or something from it.

  2. I could not agree with you more on War and F2P. I would so go back. They could split the content up in the tiers.

  3. They would still get their license money, it would just be the cash shop stuff funding it rather than sub fees. Assuming they made money of course, but I don't see why not. Pay for power a risk for sure, but WAR is totally perfect for a cash shop based around cosmetic items and options. It's Warhammer after all, so things like being able to purchase armour reskins for Nurgle, Knights of the White Wolf, etc. Bit of thought put into it and you could even change spell effect appearance and so on. Warhammer fans would pay for stuff like that.

  4. I assumed GW got a set fee each year but I guess not.

    Paying for Power can't be that much of a risk looking at world of tanks. Probably age of heroes or whatever they call it will get one. Totally agree about the skins bit, if there was a game built for cosmetic items WAR is probably it. Either way sitting here as an arm chair expert in micro transaction based cash cows this has cash cow written all over it.

    I just don't get it, the game is well into it's midlife, what's the risk exactly? They have no player base just millions of lines of code. I guess that they have something else in development and would prefer to smother the IP.


  5. Very much looking forward to GW2 this saturday, which will counterbalance my growing PS2 addiction nicely. ...If i only could fit in MWO, but it is just one game too many, especially considering the type of wonderful involving (sim) game MWO is.

  6. Staffan Aka Daevas23 August 2012 at 20:07

    If they made warhammer F2P it would mean that they coniceve that Wrath of Heroes is a the largets fuck up they ever made.

  7. Its about time they just stopped wasting everyones time and pull the bloody plug for WAR.

    On a positive note, GW2 is bloody good!

  8. Well i thought it was for the first two weeks anyway,now its YAWWWWWWN...........

  9. Planetside 2 mate. GW2's PvP pales into insignificance when compared :D


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