Friday 8 July 2011

Planetside 2 trailer released

Many of us had started to suspect that the hacker problems for Sony and SOE may have meant the death of Planetside 2. But oh joy, its hasn't. The first proper trailer is out.

This for any serious PvP MMO gamer is a big deal. 3 faction RvR and no PvE, this is a strategic combat game and if its half as good as the original then we could be in for a treat. The video may not look that amazing to someone who didn't experience the original, but take my word for it, this has massive potential.

Kill Frenzy will be playing Planetside 2, of that there is no question at all.

HD link on Youtube here.


  1. Why are they all in Agile armour?
    I hope there are MAX units, I have a feeling they may be absent this time round.

    I played Planetside on and off til WAR took over full time.

    For a long time the only game in it's genre, an MMOFPSRTSCLUSTERFUCKOFAWESOME.

    Can't wait.

  2. Lets just hope its not developed with the ps3 in mind aswell, it did look like a typically console type battleground, basically a long canyon.

  3. It's open world mate same as the first one was, not battleground/scenario type stuff.

    There's an interview on Massively worth a look.

  4. [shakrah]
    One word: finally


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