Friday, 8 April 2011

Bloody typical

So I post about unsubbing and later the same day Mythic put 1.4.2 on the PTS which has the potential to fix my primary issue with WAR.


For some strange reason the patch notes are not up on the forum in an official post, but there's a copy and paste job in here.

Anyways, its not enough to make me instantly resub, but I will be watching with interest. If it doesn't suck and makes my horde of alt characters viable again, then sure, I will most likely reactivate my account. Still leaves a truck load of other issues outstanding and don't get me started on sodding pets.




    A bit too late imo, but better late than never.

  2. Noticing quite alot of quest fixes - are people still doing them?? Are they expecting an influx of new players or has everyone rerolled back to T1 to escape? However it nice to see them attempting to fix the total disaster they unleashed on T4. Thats why people pay 15 euros a month right? Am I the only one who remembers the devs saying that Full Sov would still be the best armour?

    New pets? lol. Presumably these were supposed to be released along with the rest of the pets back when 1.4 unfolded. Unless they are naked Witch Elves I doubt they will do much for the subscription numbers.

    Is this months patch worth the money they are demanding? - no not at all.

    oh well Rift is still alot of fun.


  3. So instead of shitloads of mdps soloroaming in def soven+ there will we the good old bombing warbands again steam rolling everything (except other bombing warbands) with a total of 7 different ability's (whole warband counted in)?

  4. i shall resub :o nothing else to play anyway :D rift was a huge letdown for me since im a more pvp focussed person and the pvp in rift just wasnt my thing :o

  5. I'm missing it. What in the patch notes makes you think the game will be fixed?

  6. The nerf to Doomflayer and Warpforged armour sets is currently considerable, so hopefully combined with the adjusted hidden level calculations, it may mean that the insane RR imbalance that 1.4 introduced will go.


  7. rofl, I noticed this.
    I like the suggestion of naked witch elf pets!

    Also two rank 100s on my server are quitting over this patch. They even had the cheek to rename last name to 'renownpony' in their groups because they were that OP, powerlevelling their buddies. I'm not convinced it will be massively more even until I see it, but I was impressed with the worn sov/vendor changes. I do believe there is a commitment to evening the fight somewhat and thats important to me as an ex FPSer/RTSer/Planetsider.


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