Thursday 30 December 2010


Thanks to a mixture of Xmas stuff and me currently having proper flu (I'm writing this slowly on an iPhone while stuck in bed) I've had absolutely no gaming time so far during the Xmas holidays. Disappointing because I'm bored shitless and very curious to see how my home server of Karak Norn is ticking along, what with the likes of the Rift beta, Cataclysm and so on. Also I've seen a few people from the less populated US servers talking about having transferred to Norn, so I wonder how close this has taken us to a 24hour active server?

I don't know what is happening to those less populated US servers, Iron Rock for example, but it doesn't sound like they're getting the new lease 
of life people had hoped for. Perhaps the jumping ship to Badlands situation that people were banging on about just went too far for it to be redeemed by anything. Maybe that's not such a bad thing though, with WAR being a population reliant game, perhaps it will be better for everyone if they are on the busy servers and we all said to hell with the quiet ones. Paid versus free transfers becomes questionable with that thinking mind you.

Reading my server forum has been rather depressing of late with a lot of quitting threads appearing. Though I asked about and apparently the server is as busy as ever, so it maybe that those quitting post are only representative of certain types of players and cliques quitting rather than anything too severe. Or it could be the sky falling of course. Forums are certainly not a reflection of a MMO's population in any real sense, so it's hard to judge and particularly so when I can't log on myself. Anyways /salute to all those moving elsewhere, hopefully we'll see your return when other greener pastures turn out to be only richer in PvE...

Anyways with people returning from holidays soonish, it would be lovely if Mythic could give us a nice nugget of spicy future news.


  1. Norn is alive and well, never fear. As I am in North America my play times often go late GMT (as in midnight to 5 am sometimes) and there is some action, but not what you'd call raging. There are enough people, say 3 out of 7 days, to get something going and have a bit of fun but mostly its very quiet past 12am GMT.

    There are often small groups in T4, or solo WE's making life difficult (Jasmina-sp?-and crew for example) for us poor order folk.

  2. I take it all back. I just saw Crimson's post in Warhammer Alliance. The game is officially dead imo. When the best move to WoW, what's left?

  3. Gank, do you have a link to the post, I always enjoy a good chuckle.

  4. Quitting was no huge shock, but I am amazed they're quitting for WoW. The PvP in WoW is just not comparable and the balance is horrific in all respects. So they are surely quitting to go PvE, which I wouldn't have thought a guild as good at PvP as them would do.

    One guild quitting does not mean the end mind you. Not that a guild of theistature going is exactly a good sign...

  5. Its not only Crimson, a lot of old and active Norm order players are leaving WAR looking for greener pastures. There is definitely a feel of disintegration on Norm order side: a lot of guilds(also among the elite guilds) having problems getting wbs together and ppl preferring to run solo.

  6. As Konfuzfanten said and was my initial thought. It's putting together 24 people and having a roster big enough to field 24 when they want. It's difficult. If you feel you're not going to win all the time if you field a substandard warband will hasten the end.

    You know what will happen, other guilds will grow to feel the void. Yes some of the guilds names will leave on beyond their demise, but most will just disappear.

    I imagine, once they have sampled WoW again and realised it's the same old stuff. They will quit that and return or simply move onto pastures new.

    The grass isn't always greener.

  7. "Gank, do you have a link to the post, I always enjoy a good chuckle."

    and here


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