Saturday 6 February 2010

Mythic respond to player concerns regarding scenario changes

Here's the link. And by the power of copy/paste, here's what Andy Belford has said:

First off, thanks to everyone for their continued constructive feedback. We appreciate all of our players who involve themselves in the testing process, both on the PTS and in the forums.

Based on the feedback we've received, both here on the North American forums and on the official EU Forums and through feedback submitted using the in-game tool, we are going to be reevaluating and adjusting our current plans for Scenario structure in 1.3.4. While the plan is still to streamline the Scenario system we are going to go back to the whiteboard on how we accomplish this.

Our intent is still to remove some of the less utilized, lesser played and downright less enjoyable Scenarios and to make room for some of the more played Scenarios from lower tiers. We'll speak more to our plans sometime early next week and be sure to preview what we've come up with at a Mass PTS Playtest as well (be sure to keep your eyes on the Herald for more details regarding that )

So thank you for your continued feedback, thank you for caring so much about WAR and rest assured that your voice is being heard, loud and clear.


Andy Belford
Community Coordinator
Mythic Entertainment
Nerf Lizards
Good reply. Proof will be in the pudding of course, so now we wait and see what they do.

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  1. Thank god some sanity has returned to the Mythic offices. Regardless of what they return with, it will not make everyone happy, but it's got to be better than the hatchet job they were planning before.


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